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Since sinus surgery began in 1893, ENTs have battled the challenge about how to comfortably keep the sinuses open following surgery.

Despite surgery to open the sinuses, inflammation and scarring threatened to block them again. This created a frustrating challenge for both surgeons and patients!

The PROPEL Sinus Technology is the first of its kind to help address the challenge, using a clever combination of device design and medication delivery.

PROPEL supports the newly opened sinus and provides anti-inflammatory medication when and where it’s needed. It then dissolves.

PROPEL Sinus Stent

OPENS. PROPEL is a small, innovative, spring-like device. It props open the sinus after surgery. This allows air to circulate and mucus to drain, so proper sinus functioning and healing can take place.

DELIVERS. PROPEL contains an anti-inflammatory medication. It delivers the drug in a controlled manner, directly into the healing sinus tissues that need it. This helps to decrease inflammation (swelling), and prevent scarring.1

DISSOLVES. As PROPEL delivers the medication, it slowly dissolves. This takes about 30 to 45 days. Because PROPEL dissolves, there is no need to remove it.

MAINTAINS. PROPEL is clinically proven to maintain the outcomes of surgery.1 This means less likelihood for additional surgical interventions or the need for oral steroids.1

EASES. PROPEL is lightweight, and usually cannot be felt once in place. And, its unique dissolvable design eliminates the need for removal, for additional peace of mind.


PROPEL Advantages

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