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Dr. Seidman provides comprehensive sleep studies in order to diagnose sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and insomnia. Often these disorders cannot be identified with a normal office visit; it is necessary to observe the patient overnight in order to have a clear understanding of what is happening in your brain and body. During standard sleep studies a patient would normally go to a sleep lab that is set up for overnight stays—usually in a hospital or sleep center. Dr. Seidman however likes to make sure his patients are comfortable and relaxed during their tests, which is why he utilizes the Sleep Profiler PSG2. The Sleep Profiler PSG2 is a state-of-the-art sleep study technology that consists of a simple headband equipped with a camera and sensor; which keeps track of different things like head movement, position, pulse and snoring. The sleep study will also measure things such as eye movements, oxygen levels in your blood, heart and breathing rates, and body movements. The PSG2 upgrade to the standard Sleep Profiler enables acquisition of the cardio-respiratory signals needed to diagnose sleep apnea. The additional signals include wireless acquisition of finger oximetry and pulse rate, airflow with a pressure transducer and nasal cannula, and an abdomen respiratory effort belts. The information is then relayed through an electronic sleep portal where the test can be analyzed and the patient diagnosed.

This contemporary system, partnered with a sleep diary taken by the patient can help pinpoint what problems and solutions are relevant for each individual patient. It is important to remedy any sleep problems a person may have and Dr. Seidman strives to do so with the utmost comfort and accuracy for all of his patients. If you feel you may have a sleep disorder we recommend you make an appointment with us today.

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The Sleep Profiler