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Thyroid cancer is a malignant growth in the thyroid, which is usually recognized by thyroid nodules or swelling of the thyroid gland (goiter). The thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland in the base of the neck which produces the hormone that controls many metabolic functions in the body. It is important to control body temperature, weight, heart rate, and more. A benign thyroid nodule is called an adenoma, however when a malignant growth is present, thyroid cancer usually manifests in the form of a palpable nodule or mass.

At Metro ENT care, our physicians have expertise in diagnosing and treating all stages of thyroid cancer. Symptoms range from:

  • Hoarseness
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Neck pain
  • Weight Loss

If you are experiencing some or most of these symptoms, make an appointment today. After a careful examination of your neck and throat, we will discuss your medical history. One or more of the following tests will determine if the cancer has spread and the optimal treatment plan – several diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound, thyroid scan, blood set for hormone levels, fine needle biopsy, or cat scan.

Treatment depends on the stage of the cancer. Other than a few rare forms of thyroid cancer, the primary treatment modality is surgery. In addition to surgery, your doctor may recommend a radioactive iodine treatment and replacement thyroid hormones in pill form so keep your metabolism functioning at an optimal level for your good health

If you have lasting symptoms that are suggestive of one of these cancers, please contact our office right away and schedule an appointment with one of our otolaryngologists.

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